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Monday to Sunday from 18:00 to 00:00.

What the f**k is this?

According to the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy), a taco is a typical Mexican dish of maize tortilla folded around food. But taco is so much more. These were already prepared in Mexico since the prehispanic period using different ingredients according to each region, being the most popular meal in México until now.

A taco is also a “swearword, offensive, indecent and rude saying” (RAE), also different, as the food tacos, according the place where they belong.

And with the merge of those two concepts TACOS TACOS was born, the only place where you can order while swearing in mexican spanish, spanish and catalan, so you will eat a delicious “pinche pendejo”, enjoy a “malparit” or repeat a “gilipollas”. That’s why TACOS TACOS is:

The only place where “gilipollas” are liked!

How the hell do they make them?

At TACOS TACOS, not all tacos are Mexican…

HOW COME??? Yes, here you can find tacos with spanish flavour, catalan taste and of course, the amazing mexican ones.

The way we prepare our meals is through a slow cooking process, during a long period of time which helps preserve the vitamins and nutrients, and by cooking the meat in their own juice, without using any oil, the flavour is more intense and the texture is even softer.

So, at TACOS TACOS you’ll find mexican tacos made out of beef neck, chicken with mole sauce, beef tongue and pork with green sauce, you can also find sausage with mushrooms (butifarra) and pork cheeks tacos which are catalan dishes, and spanish dishes such as onion sausage and paprica sausage (chorizo).

And even if they’re from different places and have different flavours, all tacos are prepared the same way: reeeaaaly slow.